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Ana Santa Helena, born October 1974, is an Italo-brazilian fashion and portrait photographer. Her carrier began in 2003 working as photographer for MEGA MODEL Agency in Brazil. After she moved to Switzerland where she actually lives and works.

Alongside her practice as a Fashion photographer, has also worked as models curse coordenator, scout and collaborator in fashion blogs and catalogs.

In 1995, after a model contest where she was one of the candidates she had her first insight and desire about photography. She was a former comercial model for Casting Model Agency and how she was not tall enought  for an international carrier she began think about a way to work in the fashion world. At that moment, looking around she had the idea that her place it was not in front of the cameras but behind them. So she boght her first camera and begin to shoot around till the day when she was invited to work for Mega Model Agency as a photographer.

Strategy, graphic design and visual production are her strong features in her shootings.


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